Colour therapy in Eyola Fashion

Colour therapy in Eyola Fashion

What We Wear Can Express Our Mood

You might be what you eat, but what you wear expresses your mood!

One of my favourite designers 'Eyola' makes the best blazers ever! Having worked with the late Alexander McQueen's designers and tailors, her designers are a modern representation of classic tailoring. Seeing as colours can say a lot about your current mood, lets have a look at the mood set by some of these Eyola blazers.

STRIKE IT RICH: Strike it rich with this gorgeous Yellow and Grey blazer. Spiritually, these colours balance both the Solar Plexus and Base Chakras. Carrying a Citrine and Hematite stone would also achieve a similar effect. A great jacket to wear if you are trying to balance emotions and remain grounded.

DARE IN RED: The colour of passion bursting with romance. What more could you ask for? This sleeveless blazer has a certain charm to it and gives off positive vibes and energy. The print on the lining also enhances the aura and almost stamps confidence into the over all appearance. I would match this up with a lovely Garnet or Leopard Skin Jasper Crystal. Get ready to paint the town red in this piece of tailored perfection. #myfav

KEEP IT COOL: If you like to cool things down, then this is the blazer for you. Get into action with this 3 quarter length sleeve attire. Communication speaks volumes and this deep blue vision is bound to elevate your Throat Chakra, so be ready to shout from the roof tops. Match this with a deep blue Lapis Lazuli Crystal to enhance the powers from your inner self.

QUITE WHITE: Almost feels angelic. The quality of the fabric married with the essence and purity found in this blazer is quite Divine. White colours help clear your head, mood, energy and your aura. If you are looking for a jacket that will shield and cover you with some healing white light, then your wish has been granted. Pop a Selenite or a Snow Quartz Crystal in one of the pockets (patch or ticket pocket) when you wear this jacket and simply glow in pure white magic.

LINE UP: The subtle tones in this sleeveless blazer are reminiscent of a Blue Tigers Eye Crystal. For those who are looking for bespoke quality, creativity and simplicity, then this is your go to piece. The spider motif adds a sense of mystery which every girl loves. Wearing this timeless piece could also bring good luck towards you as this is one of the properties found in a Blue Tigers Eye Crystal.

You can custom make a blazer from scratch which is pretty cool. From the lapel, to the buttons and the fabric, you can be as creative as you like.

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