So, what does this year have in store for us?

So, what does this year have in store for us?

A Sneak Peek Into 2017

2017: A year of taking initiative, working through sensitivities, regaining inner strength, reevaluating relationships, embracing change, welcoming new beginnings, overcoming challenges and endurance.

So, I am sure like me you are all hoping for new beginnings, positive opportunities and answered prayers as we enter the new year. Well.... upon taking a short meditation, I thought I would share what I feel this NEW YEAR could bring forward.


The momentum as we start the year brings forward a lot of energy around communication and taking some form of initiative. Certain things will be brought to light, which should help you make quicker decisions allowing you to move forward with a fresh mindset. During the first few months of 2017, you should be equipped with enough information to steer in the right direction.


As we reach the middle months of 2017, this is a period where you might get more sensitive around your emotions and surroundings. Try to protect, nourish your energy and have confidence that you can 100% trust your intuition and gut feelings. Balance is key here and you must try to see the blessings and lessons in both your joys and disappointments. If certain projects or people get challenging, don't give up or lose hope. You should try to pay attention to the long term and not let short term distractions interfere with your goals.The more strength you have, the better your ability to endure and remain true to yourself.


The last few months in 2017 appear to be refreshing as you might feel the need to work towards both inner and outer clearing and balancing, along with preparing for and welcoming in new beginnings. This could just be an end of the year feeling, but it seems like a diet, detox, chakra clearing or even a reevaluation of certain people in your life will occur....but it all seems to be bringing forward positivity and necessary changes. There will be some sort of evolution or transformation which occurs for the better. With this should bring forward healing as we move into 2018.


I must say a CONSISTENT message which kept popping up throughout 2017 is around "Soul Mates" and "Romantic Relationships". This suggests that 2017 could bring forward more lessons, clarity, decisions and resolutions around personal relationships. You must use the knowledge you have gained in the last few years, to fuel positivity in all your relationships and make healthier decisions.

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Stay blessed x

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