Angel Remedy

Angel Remedy

Angels To Call Upon

Whenever we lose something, we tend to feel frustrated, whenever we break up from a partner we feel a sense of loss. Whenever we have issues at work, we might feel left out, uncomfortable or pressured. When those close to us let us down, we might feel betrayed and hurt.

These are just a few key areas within our lives, which affect us on a day-to-day basis.

Just as a specific doctor is highly trained in a particular field, there are different Archangels who function in many different ways.

Archangels are all around us and can only intervene when we call upon them. The more specific we are, the better – but we must always remember that once we present an issue to our Angels and guides, we have to let go of control, worry, fear and the outcome of that situation. As hard as it might be, it is very effective and highly recommended.


Archangel MichaelMeaning “Who is like the Divine” Strength, Protection, Courage, Truth:

Affirm: I now invite Archangel Michael to boost my strength and elevate my courage during this tough period in time. Please protect me from any negative entity with your flaming sword and help me stay on the path of truth. Amen

Archangel Raphael Meaning “Healing power of God” Heal, Clear, Release, Travel:

Affirm: I now invite Archangel Raphael to clear and release all forms of negativity and kindly ask that you heal my heart, body, soul and mind from any lower energies. Please bring harmony and balance into all areas of my life, and guide me on all my travels. Amen

Archangel GabrielMeaning “Strength of God” Communication, Guidance, Change, Purification:

Affirm: I now invite Archangel Gabriel into my life to open the lines of communication and creativity. Please redirect my soul to its rightful path and purify any toxins in my mind and body. Give me the strength and motivation to make and accept healthy life changes and guide me towards the path of fulfilling my life’s purpose. Amen

Archangel UrielMeaning “God is Light” Solutions, Knowledge, Insight, Help:

Affirm: I now invite Archangel Uriel to shine God’s white light to all problems currently blocking my progression. Please help me resolve any issues which are currently out of my control and show me the best ways to deal with them as I now let go and let God. Amen

Archangel ChamuelMeaning “He who sees God” Love, Renew, Relationships, Family:

Affirm: I now invite Archangel Chamuel to project love in all the relationships around me – whether family, friends or co workers. Please help me better express love and be open to receiving love in all forms. Heal my heart from any sorrow and direct me to my life partner and soul mate. Strengthen the bond with my family and refresh my energy so that I only radiate positivity and compassion. Please help me raise my vibrations in love and light and only allow harmonic relationships to cross my pathway and enter my life. Please help me build strong relationship foundations, so that my internal and external happiness only goes from strength to strength. Amen

Archangel JophielMeaning “Beauty of God” Art, Beauty, Creativity, Joy:

Affirm: I now invite Archangel Jophiel to heighten my creativity and deliver a wealth of joy and abundance in my life. Please help me illuminate my thoughts and allow me to appreciate and absorb the beauty that is within and around me. Please Shower my days with Joy so that I may share this with those around me and help me build a deeper connection with my higher self. Bring forward answers to my questions and prayers and please awaken my soul with God’s beauty, love and light. Amen

Archangel RaguelMeaning “Friend of God” Justice, Help, Resolution, Fairness:

Affirm: I now invite Archangel Raguel to please bring forward fairness and resolution to any conflicts I am currently facing. Please watch over me and ensure all is going according to God’s harmonious plan in Divine order and will. Help me become empowered and allow others to show respect to me, the way I show respect towards others. Please bring forward peace and healing within all arguments whether this is around family, co workings, friends or within my mind/thoughts, and bring justice to all situations only in God’s grace and faith. Amen

*Research notes: Bible, Angel Focus*

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