7 powerful quotes

7 powerful quotes


7 Quotes To Lift Your Spirit

Why did I choose 7 quotes? There are many symbolic references to the number "7" as found in various sources such as the Bible, spirituality, numerology and astrologically. The number "7" as a whole, signifies Divine perfection, achievements, completeness and knowledge. As we go through and witness certain changes within, towards and around us, it is important to take some time to reflect, meditate and pray for guidance. These 7 quotes, taken from extracts found in the Bible, will elevate your soul in times of change and hardship. Absorb the powerful messages found within each quote and pay attention to the key words. Some questions to consider: Which word I am drawn to? - What feeling does this quote bring out in me? - How do I move forward with this information?


  1. AA says:

    Very insightful. Using these as daily affirmations. Great post.

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