Here are 4 key steps to nourish your Soul

Here are 4 key steps to nourish your Soul

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As individuals, we tend to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives and forget to nourish what’s within us. We go to see the doctor when we are feeling unwell, we change our diet to be healthier – to lose weight or due to health concerns. However, when it comes to our soul, we rarely get direction on how to nurture this aspect of ourselves.

Here are four tips to help begin this process.

1 Honesty
We often seek the truth from others, but fail to express the truth within ourselves. We are in control of all the decisions we make and in order for us to stand in our truth, we need to establish a level of self-confidence and self-trust. If something doesn’t feel right, it usually isn’t. Our soul tries to communicate with us in many different ways and one way towards better understanding these messages is to consciously embrace honesty.

2 Forgiveness
Sometimes, we assume to forgive, means to forget, but this is not the case. Forgiveness releases the pain, anger and stagnation, which no longer serve us. The only way to truly move on from any situation, which has caused you pain or confusion, is to apply forgiveness. The first person to forgive is you. We all make mistakes and these are simply pillars of growth, not failures. Rather than beating yourself up about the past, try and see what you learned from previous experiences and use that information to help nourish your soul and move forward in life.

3 Meditation
If you have time to make a quick phone call, or time to run to your local supermarket and pick up your favourite chocolate bar, then you most definitely have a minimum of five minutes to spare on self-reflection. There are many forms of meditation but to still the mind and quiet your thoughts for as little as five minutes a day, is a step towards nurturing your Soul and listening to the depths of your higher self. If you struggle to concentrate, invite a friend to join you or try it by yourself for one minute at first, then slowly increase the time.

4 Love
Love to me has many meanings. The obvious being to love and to be loved, but one thing I speak to my clients about is to ‘do love’. By this, I am referring to our passions and what we love doing in our spare time. Many people talk about wanting to be in the perfect relationship or meet their soul mate, but very few people talk about their interests and what motivates them. Love is within all of us and one way to access this would be to do what truly makes you happy

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