It turns out that every workplace has these sins

It turns out that every workplace has these sins

7 Deadly Sins In The Workplace

Every workplace has some sort of internal politics going on. We have all been caught up in this mess before, but the best way to deal with it, is by adding a sense of humour to the mix. After carefully studying many individuals in the various jobs I have had, I established some similarities.

These 7 deadly sins of the workplace, are purely my personal interpretation. Let me know your thoughts.

Wrath: The manager who yells, screams and shouts about petty issues, then walks around like nothing happened 5 minutes after (don’t let someone's bad day ruin yours. You are a strong individual)

Greed: The colleague who steals all your ideas yet doesn’t know how to implement them and ends up asking for your help (don’t let this get to you – you have bigger and better things to deal with)

Sloth: The lazy colleague who never does any work and always delegates. (let them be, but don’t let anyone take advantage of you)

Pride: The boss that thinks he knows it all, yet forgets he hired you because you are the expert in the field! (remember your worth)

Lust: The person who acts like they fancy you at work yet never speaks to you and talks about you behind your back or acts weird in your presence. (if they are creepy, tell HR! If not, smile and remain gorgeous #winning)

Envy: The jealous girls who speak badly about you behind your back and gives you dirty looks, yet always compliments you, over questions your personal life and never share theirs. (Highly toxic! stay away and wish them well)

Gluttony: The guy who stays back late and acts like he has worked more hours than you to get credit. (he is only fooling himself – efficiency speaks volumes)

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