All the supportive messages you need are right here

All the supportive messages you need are right here


Supportive Messages 6th March 2017

These messages provide support around life's challenges, blessings and lessons. Please always remember that you are in full control of your life choices and decisions

*A* LOVE: The first message is around love, emotions and relationships. It is very important to trade all feelings of resentment, with feelings of compassion as much as possible. The more we open our hearts to love and loving others, the more at peace we become within ourselves. It is also very important to only welcome relationships which bring out love and support, not control or anger. When we experience negative emotions triggered by those we love, we must learn not to carry the weight of sadness and refocus our energy on that which lifts our spirits. Relationships can be very complicated, but as long as the foundation is built on trust and love, all should be well. If love is tainted or not present, then this might be a good time to pray for additional guidance. Look after your emotional and physical heart.

*B* BE YOU: The second message is around standing up for yourself and speaking your truth. Sometimes, other people project their insecurities and problems onto us which can leave us feeling anxious, confused, drained or sad. Whether this happens consciously or subconsciously, it is important that you notice when you are not at fault and gain the courage to compassionately express how you feel. A sign of strength is when you are open to advice and opinions, yet remain true to yourself and never change just to satisfy others, due to pressure. Sometimes outside influences come in to challenge us or support us. There is nothing more fulfilling than being in control of your life and making healthy decisions. Embrace you.

*C* CHANGE: The third message is around clearing out and getting to the core of certain situations in order to move forward. Sometimes we have to tie up loose ends and let go of things which no longer resonate with our life path. Change signifies movement, growth and development and whether this is related to tidying/cleaning up your home, reevaluating certain people in your life, seeking new beginnings within your career or seeking changes from within, there has to be a conscious effort to let go of what is no longer needed and open up to the miracles and blessings coming your way. Don't leave changes too late or assume that things will always fall into place magically. Clear the clutter and free yourself so you can progress.

If you would like extra support with gaining clarity around a certain situation, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me or book a consultation via the link below. Stay blessed x

Supportive Messages 8th February 2017

These messages provide support around life's challenges, blessings and lessons. Please always remember that you are in full control of your life choices and decisions

*P* PEACE: If you have been going through a tough situation, then have faith that solutions and resolutions will come forward shortly. Peace is not just about external circumstances, but also relates to having a tranquil and peaceful state of mind. We all overthink and worry about certain things, but now is the time to relax and switch off the noise from within and around. Now is a good time to rest or take some time off. Get a massage, go for a walk by the beach or meditate/pray! Open up the doors to this peaceful energy which is being sent your way.

*R* RELATIONSHIP: Relationship conflict is something we have all experienced either with a partner, friend, family member, or other individuals we come across. This message points towards healing and harmony within certain relationships around you. Communication is necessary right now, along with perseverance. This is a good time to amend past conflicts, restore the bond around deep connections, and open up to new relationships. Relationship harmony also brings forward passion and high vibrational love energy. Open your heart, mind and soul and express yourself. Harmony and balance work well together so work on this sooner rather than later.

*L* LEAVE: If something or someone is stressing you out or making you feel uncomfortable, then now is a good time to stand your ground and move on! We are all presented with challenges and we all have the ability to take control and make decisions. This isn't the time to painfully remain in tough situations, but to embrace the wisdom gained and learn in order to grow and move forward with your life. You should be reassessing anything that isn't healthy around you or acts as a block towards your progression. Sometimes giving up isn't a sign of weakness, but an accomplishment as you have taken matters into your hands and dealt with them accordingly. As they say, we must choose our battles wisely. Don't underestimate your power within.

Stay blessed x

Supportive Messages 30th January 2017

These messages provide support around life's challenges, blessings and lessons. Please always remember that you are in full control of your life choices and decisions

P: Patience can sometimes be hard to tolerate when we are eagerly awaiting news, communication or feedback. These delays have not been put in place as a way of holding you back. Delays are simply an indication that the highest and best outcome is still being constructed by the Divine. Waiting for answers or communication with fear based energy will only drain your mind and soul. Sometimes the answers we seek from others should really be coming from ourselves. I remember a short while ago, I was waiting for some communication from a friend and after waiting for sometime, I decided to message her, only to find out that she had misplaced her phone and lost all her contacts. Depending on the situation at hand, gauge whether or not the answers you seek are within your control or not. If they are, take some steps forward, if not, then pray for the best outcome and leave it in the hands of God.

R: Some say February is the month of love. As we enter this month and moving forward, romantic might come to the forefront of your life. Now is a good time to review or revive romantic connections around you accordingly. This message is all about bringing in or developing romantic connections in your life. This is a great time to be proactive and open up all doors of communication. This energy is strongly directed towards long term partnerships and long term romantic interests. For those already in a committed relationship, now is a good time revive your connection mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Work through any disagreements and focus on building trust. For those seeking a partner, someone special might come forward sooner than you think. Don't miss opportunities, but at the same time, don't force opportunities. Perhaps go out of your comfort zone and try some new activities and see where this leads to. It is also very important to realise that romantic partnerships are not meant to be perfect. As long as you are both equally giving and receiving and keeping the lines of communication open, then all should be well.

M: This message has two meanings. The first meaning focuses on taking necessary steps in order to move towards your goals or dreams. The energies around you might be causing you to feel static as though nothing is really progressing or moving as fast as you hoped it would. Now is the time to propel your energy forward and take a leap of faith. You need to keep going even when it feels like a struggle because the fruits of your labour are just around the corner. Don't give up or lose hope. Now is the time for you to take action and control of the direction in which you want you life to head towards. Do some more research if necessary but don't let self doubt hold you back. The second meaning focuses around moving on or moving away from people, places or things which no longer work well with your energy. If you have been contemplating whether something doesn't feel right, then now is the time to act on this intuitive insight. Moving away could mean cutting ties with someone or something that has been troubling you for a while, or taking some time off, getting some space in order to gather your thoughts, which will enable you to make healthier decisions. You already know what is right for you. Instead of overthinking which leads to more confusion, it might be best to distract yourself for a few hours or a few days and see how you feel when you revisit this issue. Remember that letting go isn't a sign of failure, but a sign of strength.

Stay blessed x

Supportive Messages 20th January 2017

These messages provide support around life's challenges, blessings and lessons. Please always remember that you are in full control of your life choices and decisions

L: If you chose this card, then perhaps it is time to have a look at all areas of your life and start making changes accordingly. When a new year beginnings, we consciously or subconsciously try to start afresh and put things right. Now is a good time to review friendships, relationships, family, jobs, personal development and call upon the Divine white light to help you feel more balanced with the choices you begin to make in life. Changes that occur now will be impactful and could affect your whole life, so try and stay positive, determined and focused. Always remember that you are in control of the decisions you make and trust your intuition.

C Perhaps you feel a little low or lack the confidence to move forward in a certain area of your life. Now is a good time to focus on healing your heart and mind in order to gain the strength you need. This would be a good time to reflect upon your true feelings and listen to your inner voice. Decisions can be hard to make and answers can be hard to find at this moment, but the main focus should be around healing issues from the past and releasing any weight of pain from your energy. If you can surround yourself with those who lift your spirit, then that would provide the support you need. If not, call upon angelic support to guide your spiritual path and provide you with Divine wisdom.

D If you chose this card, then you need to relax when it comes to "the exact timing" things are going to happen. Perhaps you are waiting for some contact from someone or anticipating the outcome of a situation. While it is healthy to be curious about the outcome of situations, putting your life on hold or worrying unnecessarily will not help improve anything. Have faith that everything is how it is meant to be right now even though you are eager to get some answers. If you can calmly accept that the news will be either what you were expecting, or what you were not expecting, then you eliminate disappointment. Although we might not quite understand this, everything does happen according to Divine timing and to facilitate our growth.

Stay blessed x

Supportive Messages 9th January 2017

These messages provide support around life's challenges, blessings and lessons. Please always remember that you are in full control of your life choices and decisions

There seems to be a common theme around health, wellbeing and healing in this weeks supportive messages. We must look after all aspects of ourselves (body - mind - spirit) as they are all connect.

Soul and spiritual healing 2: This message highlights the importance of healing at this present time. You might feel slightly drained energetically, or need to detach from certain places and people in order to re-boost and cleanse your energy field. Now is a good time to uplift and rebalance your energy. There are many ways to achieve this. You could see an energy healer, say a prayer, meditate, sage, chakra balance using crystals and colours or even spend time away somewhere different. I would recommend that you thoroughly seek out and pinpoint that which doesn't align with your progression and make changes accordingly.

Why not try taking my crystal personality quiz which might help bring to light some key areas to focus on. Click here to take my quiz: Personality Quiz

Body and mind healing 1: Health and wellbeing are very important and if you have been trying to detox or make some changes to your diet, then please go ahead straight away. Your health can also relate to your mental wellbeing and if you have been overthinking or working yourself up around a certain situation, then it is critical that you deal with issues before they escalate and seek external help if necessary. Make a review of a number of things such as your life style, eating habits and try to listen to your body's needs and wants. If you need to rest, exercise or even get a massage, then make sure you do so without delay.

Decision making 7: So it seems like there could be some confusion, conflict, thoughts or questions you are trying to resolve or work though. This message comes in to suggest that more time is needed and more information should be gathered before the outcome becomes more clear. Now is not the time to play guessing games in your mind and try to work things out on your own. You are strong enough and have the ability to seek out the clarity you desire AND you are also wise enough to make your own decision and take control of your life. If an area which you are concerned about is around relationships, don't discredit the knowledge you have gained form past experiences. If this is around health or contracts, make sure you take your time making the right decisions and be thorough.

As Mercury prepares to go direct and as the full moon comes in on the 12th of January, changes are apparent.

Stay blessed x

These messages provide support around life's challenges, blessings and lessons. Please always remember that you are in full control of your life choices and decisions

8: This message indicates that now is a good time to make a review of your financial wellbeing and make adjustments were necessary. Planning towards the future is also very important in order to avoid getting into any form of dept or lack of financial control. This messages also points towards hard work in order to reap what you have sown. Better manage your finances these next few weeks and step into a position of financial stability.

7: Now is a good time to be solid when it comes to your decision making process. A confused mind will only bring about confused solution and guidance. Stand by what it is you truly believe and avoid changes due to fear and lack of confidence. We are more in control than we seem to realise. Although others might have an influence on your decisions, you have the ability to make YOUR life choices accordingly. Call upon God and his angels to further guide you.

5: It looks like some positive energy/news is around you currently. Set all your worries aside as you step into the light and move forward. Now is a good time to focus on prayer and maintain your faith. If you have been going through a period of stagnation or confusion, this messages indicates some positive changes comes through. Be creative with your ideas and plan positively. With positive news also comes gratitude. Make sure you thank the Divine for the blessings of life.

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