“I just don’t know what my passion and talents are”

“I just don’t know what my passion and talents are”


What Are You Passionate About?

Over the last few years, I have had numerous conversations with people both inside and outside of my therapy sessions and I noticed how many people spoke in length about what they needed to let go of and rarely spoke about what they wanted to achieve. I couldn’t help but think - why is this? I believe that both letting go and looking towards achievement are vital in human development and soul growth; however, one without the other doesn’t manifest a healthy and balanced mindset or lifestyle.

This brings me to a conversation I recently had with a friend, who seems to be stuck around the next steps in her career. She isn’t happy in her current job and doesn’t know how to “free” herself and what her future holds. I asked her what she felt might be holding her back and she believed she needed to de-clutter her apartment and let go of her past and by doing only this, she believed that all her answers would be brought to the forefront. While I do believe that she is taking steps in the right direction by getting rid of that which doesn’t belong in her life anymore, I found it quite interesting how she did not speak about her passions, goals, dreams and aspirations. I asked her if she had applied for other jobs and she said “not really, only one”. I asked her what she was passionate about and she said, “I just don’t know what my passion and talents are”. I then asked her what her goals were and she said she needed to have a think about this and listed a few things she had on her mind but found this process rather difficult and stressful. I realised that her energy was 99% focused on what she needed to let go of and 1% focused on her passions and what she wanted to achieve. This is a good example of how we might be unconsciously driving uncertainty via our thoughts and detaching from our intuition and feelings. It seemed as though she felt her answers were external and not to be sourced from within, to assist her progression. She even told me how our one-hour conversation inspired her and led her on a journey towards finding out what she loved and what she is passionate about. Two of the many things I took away from this conversation, were the importance of knowing and trusting oneself, which can be challenging and the importance of building ones inner strength especially when making significant life decisions and personal choices.

Have a think about your life journey and ask yourself these questions:


What am I most proud of and what am I most disappointed about?

How balanced is my approach when dealing with challenging situations: Am I more focused on the past or perhaps more focused on the future?

What are my goals?

What am I passionate about?

How am I incorporating my passions into my life?

The more we ask ourselves these questions, the more we can gauge whether or not we are on the right track towards self development and learn how to explore and best utilise our passions.

I am very passionate about art and creative expression and have implemented this across all aspects of my life. Not only do I perform better when my passion is expressed, I also develop spiritually and expand on the opportunities present within me. With passion comes drive, with drive comes forward movement and forward movement leads towards achievements.

So, where is your passion going to lead you to?

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