Why do the same things keep happening over and over again?

Why do the same things keep happening over and over again?


We All Go Through Life Lessons

Do you ever wonder why you keep getting drawn into similar unfulfilling relationships?

Do you ever wonder why you get reoccurring situations at your work place?

Then you are most definitely in the right place at the right time. READ ON!!

Over the past 6 years, I have been involved in situations which tend to mirror previous experiences. From reoccurring dreams and not so healthy life style patterns, to meeting similar friends or work colleagues in different environments, I found this all quite fascinating. However, a number of these reoccurring situations stood out to me and most definitely enlightened me. This whole journey based on my curiosity around reoccurring lessons and patterns , drove me further into my spirituality and inner reflection. I almost did not take notice of the connotations and universal messages behind these life experiences, but it was only when I opened my Enchanted Remedy Facebook page that both my mind and spiritual awareness heightened. On my Enchanted Remedy Facebook page, I kept seeing similar questions from my clients such as:

"Why do I keep entering unfulfilling relationships over and over again?"

"Why is it always hard for me to find a job"?

"Why do I keep meeting the same types of friends who seem to use me?"

"Why are bad things always happening to me?"

"Why is my relationship with my partner always inconsistent?"

"Why does it always feel like there are blocks in my life?"

Having to absorb these sort of questions allowed me to fully tap into my heightened spiritual awareness regarding reoccurring patterns/ repetition, as I also had similar experiences and questions to my clients . There is a saying which goes: Repetition = Penetration = Impact.

Let me break it down…

1: Perhaps the repetition is happening because the message hasn’t penetrated and sparked an impact.

2: Perhaps we also haven’t come to terms with the longevity of reoccurring patterns relating to Life Lessons. This all comes down to the specific lessons and how we deal with them throughout our lives. (Also, a better understanding of the term ‘life lesson’)!


1: Lets use the example of reoccurring patterns in the work place with a lady called Anne. Let’s say Anne was working in a financial institution and never got the pay rise she desired because she never enquire about it, so she leaves, goes to another financial institution and is taken for granted by her colleagues – she leaves again, goes into another financial institution and gets made redundant for reasons which seem unfair. While some might see the repetition and life lesson here being linked to working in a financial institution and suggest working in another industry, another key lesson behind this repetition might also be the need for Anne to stand up for herself as in all three occasions, she was being disrespected. Due to Anne ignoring or not fully understanding the lessons behind this pattern, she might fail to absorb the key message and therefore the positive impact on her life’s progression might come to a halt: Hence why she might feel “bad things always happen” or get stuck “between a rock and a hard place”.

2: Sometimes, we have to understand that lessons take us on a journey, before they are learnt and yes they can be life long. We are creatures who embrace change and new beginnings and with this comes challenges. For as long as we live, we will always be tested and face obstacles – but the true lesson and strength is learnt via how we approach these situations and seek a resolution.

When we fall into patterns which we can’t seem to quantify or rationalise, perhaps this could relate to matters of the heart , we keep getting drawn and pulled to the same ways of dealing with a situation and this can sometimes happen over a few weeks or over decades. The pattern goes on and on and on. Sometimes it might seem as thought these situations are out of our control. Either way, we can’t hide from lessons and instead of victimising ourselves, if we could further practice ways in which we can objectively understand the key messages and the stem of these patterns from past or present situations, then we should be on the right path towards fulfilling our life's purpose and gaining greater wisdom.

We cannot control what comes into our lives, but we sure can control how we deal with them. We will get challenges throughout our life time hence why they are LIFE LESSONS, so instead of looking at your lessons as a sign of weakness, embrace the moment, seek out the blessings and know that you are a warrior. We ALL have the power to overcome our challenges by having faith in God’s love, his strength and his unique and magical plans for each and every one of us.

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